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Tuition & Fee Estimator

Our tuition and fees estimator lets you get an idea of course costs based on your program of interest, number of classroom hours, and other factors.

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Direct Deposit

With Direct Deposit, refunds for dropped classes, financial aid, or any other refundable credits can come directly to you and bypass printing and mailing of a paper refund check. Once you've signed up for Direct Deposit, each time we authorize a refund for you, we will transfer the money directly to your savings or checking account. This means quicker delivery of your funds. (*Exception: if payment is received via credit card a refund will be issued via credit card.)

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IU Bursar Pay

Checking your statements and paying your bills online is very simple using the IU Bursar Pay system. If you're a student, you may choose to set up a 3rd Party User, usually a parent or guardian, who may then view and/or pay your bill. Step-by-Step directions are provided along with video tutorials for common tasks.

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  • October 7 Third Fall 2014 Bill Generated

  • October 21 Third Fall 2014 Bill Due

  • November 4 Fourth Fall 2014 Bill Generated

  • November 18 Fourth Fall 2014 Bill Due

  • December 2 First Spring 2015 Bill Generated

  • December 16 First Spring 2015 Bill Due


The Personal Deferment Option (PDO) is only offered to students on the first billing statement of any given term.  If students do not adhere closely to the due date and the payment amount provided on the first billing statement of a term ("Deferment Amount"), access to the PDO is revoked.  Additionally, students must adhere to the due dates and payment amounts in all subsequent months to maintain enrollment in the PDO.  More information regarding the Personal Deferment Option is available on our Pay Options page.

Fall semester financial aid will credit bursar accounts beginning August 15, 2014, for students who have met all eligibility requirements. Direct deposit refunds will begin immediately and you may expect to see the refund in your bank account by August 20. Refund checks that must be printed are processed twice each week, beginning August 19, and generally take 7-10 business days to reach the recipient. If you want your refund faster sign up for Direct Deposit! The process only takes a couple of minutes and can speed up your refund by a week or more!

Effective August 2014, monthly bursar late payment fees will change from the $30.00 flat fee to 1.5% of the past due balance, with a $2.00 minimum. The 1.5% late payment fee will continue to be assessed each month that the account remains past due. Watch your email for more information.



Information and tips for new students.


Information for parents.


Information for sponsored students and employers paying employee tuition.


Information for academic departments.


Office of the Bursar
P.O. Box 6020
Indianapolis, IN 46206-6020
Phone: (317) 274-2451
Fax: (317) 278-1579
Email: bursar@iupui.edu
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Monday - Thursday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
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