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The Office of the Bursar is responsible for the accuracy and the collection of student bursar accounts that include university tuition/fees and departmental charges.

We welcome any comments or concerns regarding our services. Please use the Contact Information on the left. Thank you for visiting!


Third Party Access to Bursar Balances and Bills
If you had 'Authorized Payers' in the old online payment system or if you have used the "Financial Information Release" form in the past to grant payment access to your bursar account to parents, guardians or others , you will need to set up 3rd Party Access through OneStart and add new payer information.  All Authorized Payer information and the "Financial Information Release" forms are now obsolete and no longer being honored.

To insure that you are prepared in the new systems, you will need to grant 3rd Party User access to your 'Bursar Balances and Bills' in OneStart.  If you have already given 3rd Party User access for grades, financial aid information, etc., those users will keep their current user name and password, but you will need to check the 'Bursar Balances and Bills' box and add an e-mail address for each user.  Step-by-Step instructions for setting up 3rd Party Access are available on the Office of the Bursar website in the IU Bursar Pay Guide.


Indiana University debuted a new e-billing and e-payment system! Students need to grant third party user access to their bursar bills/account and to make electronic payments. For more details, click here.

Have Your Refund Direct Deposited

Direct Deposit is the preferred method for refunds at IUPUI. There are many banks in the local vicinity of the university. A small list of banks are provided for your convenience. To access them click here.

To learn how to sign up for direct deposit, click here.

Deferment option

Using the student deferment option allows you to spread your fee payment over three or four months. To learn more, click the following link:   Deferment Option.

International Bank to Bank Payment

International students can pay their bursar balances by using Western Union's Travelex Bank to Bank transfer. This option allows you to pay in your country's currency while providing a simple and secure way to initiate an electronic payment. For more information go to

"Repair and Rehab Fee"

IU trustees recently approved a Repair and Rehabilitation Fee beginning Fall 2011. The fee will help cover the cost of necessary repair work and ongoing maintenance costs for IU's 900 buildings and associated infrastructure.

At IUPUI this fee will be assessed as a credit hour rate for all students except Medical and Dental students who will be charged a flat rate. For Academic Year 2013-14 the credit hour rate is $13.33, capped at 12 credit hours. For Flat-Rate Medical and Dental students, the rate is $159.96 per semester. All rates apply to each semester of enrollment, including Summer.