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Direct Deposit of Bursar Refund Information

This is a service provided to you for your convenience.

  • Click the following link to enroll in Direct Deposit Services or Update your Banking Information:
  • Electronic Refunds Come Directly To You
    With Direct Deposit refunds for dropped classes, financial aid, or any other refundable credits can come directly to you and bypass, printing, and mailing of a paper refund check. Once you've signed up for Direct Deposit, each time we authorize a refund for you, we will transfer the money directly to your savings or checking account. This means quicker delivery of your funds.

    (*Exception: if payment is received via credit card a refund will be issued via credit card)

  • Paper Checks Take More Time
    If you have not set direct deposit with us, we will continue to issue your refunds by producing a paper check. Paper check processing, however, does take more time, and also adds time needed to deliver your refund through the U.S. Postal Service. Direct Deposit is worth considering.

  • It is Easy to Apply
    If you would like to become a Direct Deposit member, please go to your OneStart account and sign up today. You may also use the secure site by clicking on Direct Deposit.

  • Direct Deposit Will Follow you
    If you are "on the move" and change your address frequently, it won't matter with Direct Deposit. As long as you still use the same financial bank account, Direct Deposit will be there for you, regardless of your personal address changes.

The official Refund Policy and Refund Information is available at: