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Financial Information System Accounts Receivable (FIS AR)

The collections process for FIS customer invoices has seven steps based on the number of days an invoice is past due.

  • Steps 1 and 2 begin at initiation of an invoice by the department and continues until an invoice is 30 days past due.  Stage One collections are the responsibility of the department initiating the customer invoice.

  • Steps 3 and 4 begin when an invoice is 31 days past the due date and continues until the invoice is 75 days past due.  Stage Two collection activities are the responsibility of IUPUI Accounts Receivable Services.

  • Steps 5 through 7 begin when an invoice is 76 days past the due date and continues until the debt is collected from the customer.  Accelerated collection activities begin in this stage and are the responsibility of Student Account Services-Collections.  Invoices that reach 91 days past due may be referred to an external collection agency.

All seven steps of the collection effort are tracked using "notes" added to the customer invoice in the Financial Information System (FIS).  The success of this process is largely dependent on the use of the collections codes outlined in the chart below and in the associated business process guide.

Every contact with the customer concerning an invoice during all three stages of collection activities must be documented in the notes section of the FIS customer invoice.  This will avoid miscommunication and mitigate potential legal risks associated with accelerated collection efforts.

Past Due


Suggested Action

0-15 days

Step 1

15 Days: Organization Contacts Customer with Friendly Reminder Letter (01.ORG.15days)

This is intended to let the customer know that the invoice is past due.

16-30 days

Step 2

30 Days: Organization Contacts Customer by Phone-- This phone call is intended to enable the organization and the customer to identify and discuss any problems with the sale or merchandise or to identify reason for late payment.  (02.ORG.30days)

31-45 days

Step 3

45 Days: IUPUI Accounts Receivable Services sends customer past due letter (03.AR.45days) with a copy to the department.  This notifies the customer and department of impending referral to collections department. 

46-60 days

Step 4

60 Days: IUPUI Accounts Receivable Services refers invoice for collection (at 60d past due); sends notice (04.AR.60days) to customer and to department. 

61-75 days

Step 5

61 Days: DAS sends collections letter (05.DAS.61days) to customer; sends an email to originating dept with a CC to Accounts Receivable Services.

76-90 days

Step 6

76 Days:  DAS sends final collection letter (06.DAS.76 days) and places phone calls.  This is intended to give the customer one last opportunity to pay prior to turning the invoice over to a collection agent.

91-120 days

Step 7

91 Days: DAS makes first placement of debt with collection Agency; sends letter (07.DAS.91days) to department with CC to Accounts Receivable Services notifying them of collections placement and “no contact” henceforth.

FIS Account Notes - Collection Codes Quick Reference

The chart below lists the codes to be used preceding the note placed on the FIS invoice for specific collection actions.  Any invoice not following the regular collections schedule needs a note(s) explaining why collections activities are being delayed.

updated 1.21.09 gb 
Codes Used By* Code Description Comments
Departments ORG01 Org Reminder sent by Dept  
Departments  ORG02 Org Phone call made by Dept  
Departments IPDEPT In progress-Department  Comments required to explain why this should not be referred to collections
(not referred according to schedule)
Departments ORG… Notes made by Dept Any notes added by department should start with "ORG" 
AR ADDR New Address per AR   
AR   AR03 Accounts Receivable Services past due letter sent  
AR AR04 Accounts Receivable Services PRE DAS letter sent  
AR AR… Notes made by Accounts Receivable  any notes added by Accounts Receivable should start with "AR"
AR DNCOL Do not collect per AR  Comments required to explain the exemption from collections 
(add reason of bankrupt or Deceased, if applicable)
AR IPAR In progress-Accounts Receivable Services Comments required to explain why this should not be referred to collections
 (not referred according to schedule).
DAS  DAS05 DAS 1st letter sent  
DAS  DAS06 DAS Final Letter sent  
DAS  DAS07 Referred to Collection Agency  
DAS DAS08 DASCOL 1st letter sent  
DAS DAS09 DASCOL 2nd letter sent  
DAS DASCOL Collections being pursued by DAS Will not be referred to agency; DAS will do collections though
DAS DAS…. Notes added by DAS notes added by Delinquent Account Services should start with "DAS" 
DAS  DASWF1 W &F 1st Placement  
DAS  DASWF2 W & F 2nd Placement  
DAS  DASWF3 W & F 3rd Placement  
DAS  DASM1 RMS 1st placement  
DAS  DASM2 RMS 2nd placement  
DAS  DASM3 RMS 3rd placement  
DAS  DASXX Collections activity discontinued  
DAS  DASREF Referral Received by DAS   
DAS IPDAS In progress-Delinquent Account Services  
DAS PPLAN Payment Plan Active with DAS  
DAS PPLANX Payment Plan Default with DAS  
AR or DAS BKP Bankruptcy Pending  
AR or DAS RETCK Returned Check   
AR or DAS WROF Written Off  
AR or DAS WROFPMT Payment after Write-Off