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Title IV


For federal financial aid money to pay non-academic charges (ex: parking permit, JagTag deposit, Recreation Fee, etc.) on your student account, you need to have a signed Title IV authorization on file.

Without this authorization, non-academic fees will not be covered by your financial aid. That would mean that once you get your refund, you would have to pay the balance left on your account.

Please login to OneStart and follow the steps below to complete the authorization.

1. Go to the Student Center "Finances" section. Click "Student Authorizations" in the "other financial..." dropdown menu.

2. The Student Authorizations page displays any active authorizations, if there are any. To continue, click the "Grant Authorizations" button.

3. You can read the authorization agreement and select the appropriate campus (Indianapolis) and click "next" to continue.

4. Click checkbox stating "yes, I have read the agreement."

5. Click "submit" to complete the authorization.

6. You will see a confirmation message stating, "your authorization form has been accepted."

Clicking the "View Student Authorization" button returns you to the screen where you started.